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Call for papers – FITradeoff

Most decision problems in any organization involve multiple and generally conflicting objectives.
In these situations, Multiple Criteria Decision Making/Aid (MCDM/A) methods can be applied
to support decision makers (DMs) in such decision processes. Among MCDM/A Methods, the
FITradeoff method provides a strong axiomatic methodological support in the context of MAVT
(Multi-Attribute Value Theory), particularly when using the additive model for aggregating the
multiple criteria.
Decision Models with FITradeoff have been published in many journals and have also received
attention in many conferences, with sponsored sessions focused on FITradeoff in INFORMS
Annal meeting and MDM International Conference, being in Special Sessions of SBPO for over
six years.
Furthermore, the FITradeoff has DSS (Decision Support System) tools which are freely available
at www.fitradeoff.org. These tools can be used towards the support of DMs in facing real-world
decision situations.
Applications in a variety of areas may be done by building decision models with FITradeoff,
representing the preferences of decision makers and the numerous characteristics of real decision
The aim of this Special Issue is to promote and disseminate research and applications of
FITradeoff method and its associated tools among academics and other professionals.
We expect high quality papers with practice of business, management, and policy making with
Potential topics using FITradeoff method include but are not limited to the following:
Preference modeling based on decomposition elicitation and/or holistic evaluations with
Building decision models for choice, ranking or sorting problematics, with FITradeoff
Building decision models based with combinatorial optimization, with FITradeoff for portfolio
Behavioral issues for building MCDM/A and GDM (Group Decision Making) models, with
GDM and negotiations models, with FITradeoff
Building of Multiple Criteria Group Decisions (MCGDM) models with FITradeoff
MCDM/A applications with FITradeoff could be associated to many contexts such as: energy,
environment, climate, sustainability, project management, production management, supply
selection, supply chain management, logistic, location, transportation, and healthcare.
Authors can submit their manuscripts at: https://www.scielo.br/j/pope/
Manuscript Due April, 2022
First Round of ReviewsJuly, 2022
Publication Date November, 2022
Pesquisa Operacional is published by the Brazilian Operations Research Society (SOBRAPO). It
is an open access Journal cost free for authors, supported by Scielo platform.
Special Issue Guest Editors
Adiel Teixeira de Almeida, Ana Paula Cabral Seixas Costa, Eduarda Asfora Frej
Federal University of Pernambuco

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