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Call for Papers – Processes

Hoje divulgamos aquia chamada especial de trabalhos da Revista Processes (ISSN 2227-9717).

Process System Engineering (PSE) is a consolidated field that provides the backbone for large-scale industrial production. Nowadays, PSE is positioned in a globalized context of intense renovation. The processes’ performances are affected not only by plant operation and consumer demands but also by environmental, social, political, and worldwide financial situations. The present social dynamics require the industry to quickly respond to external changes with the flexibility to reconfigure itself while constantly optimizing and controlling its processes. Those demands are starting to exceed the human capacity to efficiently cope with and swiftly respond to these situations simultaneously.

In this scenario, several new technologies are emerging to address these issues. This is promoting the 4th Industrial Revolution, so-called Industry 4.0. The synergy between these new technologies and PSE fosters the emergence of a new field, Process System Engineering 4.0. It is renewing Process System Engineering to enable it to face modern challenges in society. In this context, this Special Issue aims to promote and discuss the new developments in PSE. Its goal is to address the most recent advancements in PSE 4.0 and future perspectives in this field. Hence, this Special Issue will promote the debate surrounding the multidisciplinary intersection between PSE 4.0 and topics such as: scientific machine learning; advanced control systems; optimization theory; high-performance computing; distributed systems; digital twins; cyber–physical systems.

Dr. Idelfonso B. R. Nogueira
Prof. Dr. Alexandre F. P. Ferreira
Prof. Dr. Márcio A.F. Martins
Guest Editors

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